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‘Life is definitely an unknown – curve-ball shit really does happen, and at least once in your life you will reach breaking point … it’s what you do that really determines you as a person.’ MITCH CHASE


Wayne Chase’s world was shattered one evening, following a fateful knock at the front door. Earlier, Wayne had waved his son Mitch off with friends. They were supposedly wheeling Mitch’s dirt bike to a friend’s property nearby to go riding the next day.

Yet the woman on the doorstep said Mitch had been injured ­in a road accident. When Wayne reached the scene, he discovered Mitch was unconscious. He had been riding on the road and collided with a car – with fatal consequences. The next day, Wayne and his ex-wife Denise made the heart-breaking decision to turn off their son’s life support.

Wayne then found out Mitch’s death was not just an accident – he had in fact been chased – and the drawn-out legal proceedings began.

All Heart is the true story of a boy who inspired others with his will to succeed and his brave heart. It’s also a memoir about the unbearable pain of losing a child, and one man’s struggle to find a reason to carry on. Ultimately, he finds it in his son’s legacy – to live each day as if it is your last.

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